Why connect and engage with your non-desk employees?

Did you know that 87% of manufacturing executives, concluded in a recent Harvard Business Review from Sep 2020, that having a digitally empowered non-desk workforce, is a valuable “asset” that has been overlooked – and that these important employees will become a competitive differentiator in manufacturing within two years.

But why does so many industry leaders think internal communication is a game changer ?

The manufacturing industry is in change to adapt to more advanced task handling. Frontline workers are given grater responsibility as automation kicks in. They are more often expected to make independent decision regarding product quality, production line failures, material quality along to mention just a few. They are becoming a vital resource to the cost, speed and quality of the product and services company provides to their clients.

It is therefore no wonder that firstline workers involvement across the board, has proven to strongly influence how well the companies perform overall.  As companies continue to look for competitive advantages – one important one not to miss is to digitally to connect with this “Golden workforce” to ensure they have all the tools they need and are happy at work.

With 60-80% of the total workforce in manufacturing companies being frontline workers – It is no wonder why companies see the benefit in implementing communication tools to connect and engage with firstline workers.

Frontline employee engagement leading to a competitive advantage

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