Communicate, Engage, Involve…

Loop is the communication app that gives leaders an effective way to engage and involve employees in the daily communication across borders.


Messaging & announcements

Easy communication with video, audio, text or picture. Send information to all team members in the most flexible way you can imagine. Create the message you want to send to your team and get real-time response.


Easy onboarding of new employees with LOOP

Make sure you have the best onboarding tool in the industry. Onboard new employees with LOOP by sending training videos or training podcasts directly to their smartphone. Onboarding has never been smarter and easier.


Respect team member privacy

Communicate without sharing personal phone numbers
We respect privacy – With LOOP you communicate with all employees without sharing personal phone numbers.



Compliance is essential when leading a large number of employees on a national or global scale. But communication is only half the job.
Tracking and securing that all employees has received and understood the message Is the other half of the job. With LOOP you send, track, and re-send to those who did not get engaged in the first message.