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We help businesses in the manufacturing and logistic industry connect all employees in a one company App

Our solution is built intuitive for the employees, supportive for leaders and rewarding for the company culture!

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Connect everyone in One Company App

With our employee engagement app for manufacturing companies – we have made it easy to digitalize your internal communication and connect the whole organization.

  • Connect non-desk employees with the rest of the organisation in a One Company Mobile App
  • Connect everyone simply by inviting them via SMS or email
  • No complex integrations needed – Import employees via Excel or choose our optional integration to existing systems

Why connecting non-desk workers is a priority in 2021 

A recent survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Service reveals that;

  • 87% of global manufacturing executives surveyed conclude that having a digitally empowered non-desk workforce, will become a competitive differentiator in manufacturing within two years.

  • 58% of the manufacturers say that technology for non-desk workers can increase product quality

  • 89% believe non-desk workers are important in achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Source: Empowering manufacturing’s firstline staff to be better collaborators and communicators, Sep 2020.
(Harvard Business Review Analytic Services)

Dynamic Groups

Create dynamic company groups to connect and collaborate employees across the organization.

Groups can be created based on department, location, job function, teams, projects, etc. – Whatever suit your organization best!

Bring order to the chaos and provide the employees direct access to knowledge and important company documentation in the groups via the inbuild Document Library.

  • Create the group structure that suits your company
  • Make selected company groups mandatory for employees to join
  • Give employees direct access to knowledge and important company documentation

Messages & Chat

A personal inbox where company messages are prioritized, yet seamlessly integrated with the employee’s daily chat and collaboration.

Company leaders and executives can preschedule targeted messages to be sent based on department, location, job function, groups, projects, etc.

You can even ask employees to give a positive confirmation, that they have read and understood the message.

  • Every employee has their own private inbox for company messages and chat.
  • Use Smart Segmentation filtering to create messages fast and to just those who need to be informed.
  • Create priority messages and get the employee to give positive confirmation

Personalized Company Feed

The Personalized Company Wall provides the employee with all relevant Group activities and other updates in one place.

  • Group posts and activities
  • Company Message notifications
  • New group suggestions based on employee profile
  • Pulse survey questions

Mobile & Browser compatible

Our platform is mobile and browser friendly. This means that wherever you work or whatever you do, you can access LOOP Work Community on your laptop, computer, ipad or smartphone.

  • Flexible access anywhere
  • Keep your chat open on your desktop while you work

Administration and analytics

With the permission-based administration interface, you can give selected leaders access to a number of additional features like; scheduling company messages, setup surveys, manage users or tracking performance via the dashboard.

  • Create prioritized Company Messages
  • Import and manage users
  • Create and manage surveys
  • Manage global system configuration
  • View and track overall performance in real time

Control your data while respecting privacy

There is no longer a need to share personal phone numbers, emails or social profiles – With LOOP Work Community you are all connected via one app in your own closed network, without sharing private data.


  • Your own app in a closed network

  • No sharing via social profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

  • You are the data controller and own the data you share

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